Everyone is back to being friends once we are off court and I think that is truly one thing I am very comforted by. Furthermore, the many amenities and greenery in UTOWN offers convenient and comfortable living. Now, let me tell you more about us! See more of NTU Hall of Residence 10 on Facebook. That's why there are a lot of eating places to cater to the huge ampus in NTU. The food at Raffles Hall currently (2018) is AMAZING. Here’s how to apply to NTU online. All rooms are furnished with a wardrobe (with a full-length mirror in it), a study table attached with a cupboard on the side and a shelf on the top, a corkboard, a bed (varies from a twin to a twin XL-sized bed according to the hall), and a ceiling fan. Feel free to peruse! Welcome to Hall 15's Freshmen Orientation Programme 2017! NTU HALL 3. Our canteen is famous for their mala but if you need a quick bite or too lazy to head out from hall to get food, we also have the usual caifan, Japanese and Indian cuisines for you. The dance team takes part in the Hall Olympiad Closing Ceremony (HOCC) which is a competition among dance groups from different halls. Living Cinnamon College has it’s advantages. Create New Account. Join this programme and … Even though I did not sign up for any CCAs in hall due to various external commitments, I can say that I still managed to have a very pleasant hall experience! Our Hall seniors were also really caring and entertaining in a bid to make us feel comfortable with the best camp experience. If you are interested to contribute to the SCOOP Portal, you may write in your interest to sncf@sncf.org.sg. KR Steppers Cheerleading (our Niche Sport) offers something refreshing. The overall design of this area has a British feel to it. Musicians from Local bands RoyalEstate and Terrestrea started their musical journey from KR! NTU collected works area 3F of the Main Library Publications in this special area are written by those who associated with NTU. Staying in hall means no more home-cooked meals, unless you’re willing to slave over the stove in the communal pantry in hall. Even though you can join CCAs and hall events, most residents are not pressurized to join, which allows them to sign up only for what they truly love! Given the above information about the halls that we are all staying in, we hope that you are clearer about what to expect from the various halls. Since Cinnamon is tagged along with the University Scholars Programme, I feel that not everyone will enjoy the constant rigour! I was actually rec in by my senior prior to entering uni which actually saved me the worry of being placed in a hall that is not for me or the more expensive newer halls. Get Even More Visitors To Your Blog, Upgrade To A Business Listing >>, © 2001-2020 Blogarama.com   |   All rights reserved, The Trick to Always Looking Sexy for Your Guy, Top 10 Sites to watch Telugu Movies Online in Hd Quality. So, let us know in the comments below about your hall experience and hopefully, we will get to catch some of you coming into our halls too! I was engaged in many activities in hall and they often required collaboration with new people. Double rooms are shared by residents of the same gender. As freshmen, you are guaranteed for a one-year stay in one of NTU’s 24 halls.You don’t get to choose which hall you choose; NTU likes the idea of random selection. As someone who is resistant to camps, I made some of my closest friends in NTU from the 4 days of fun and laughter. KR is known for its culture CCAs and offers something for everyone. I know of seniors in hall who excel both in sports and academics. Nonetheless, I really love how everyone is passionate about SOMETHING here. If you are part of the Hall 16 XVI Knights family, you’ll be known as an all round over-achiever simply because the culture here in 16 is one of endurance and teamwork. There are also many talented sportsmen, musicians and artists in hall who are willing to teach you new skills from scratch. ACCOMMODATION ON NTU CAMPUS You are invited to apply for accommodation in Hall of Residence. Seeing how life can get really busy, it is important to have deliberate time management and discipline (waking up early despite sleeping late). You’re most likely here because you’re trying to find more information about halls in NTU. The pork broth, which is thicker and sweeter as compared to your run-of-the-mill Yong … Though this guide might not be exhaustive, Hall 15 residents are encouraged to take the initiative to make their own memories with one another. As a prospective university student, you must have a sleuth of questions and uncertainty about hall life. You will be able to experience the adrenaline and the pride of standing on stage and performing for a theatre full of audience. 5. Hall 11, however, allows you to find balance between hall commitments and studying! Facilities at Communal Floors: Food Court: 1: Function Hall: 1: Reading Rooms: 3: Gym (residents only) 1: Study Decks: 4: Study Pavilions (at Living Street) 4: Discussion … Fortunately for me, many of the seniors and friends I made through the FOC were from the same course – business! Otherwise, our nearest bus stops would be the ones just across the road. However in general, as long as you’re willing, friends isn’t really a problem. North Hill Food Court, Tamarind Food Court, and Canteen 9 are also within 5 minutes’ walk from Hall 11, if you want to explore alternative food choices! by Esther Wong | Aug 10, 2018 | Let’s Coop, Lifestyle | 2 comments. KR Inspire is a music writing and composing interest group while KR Rockers is a rock band. Kent Ridge Hall is closest to NUS Business School and Entrance C of NUS. Most people end up being hall ghosts (aka, not involved in hall activities). Located in a tranquil corner of the campus, the hall boasts large open areas and plenty of greenery. The following are the available bus services around Hall 14: Hall 14 22 Nanyang Avenue, Hall of Residence 10 (8,211.00 mi) Singapore, Singapore 639810. NTU offers a holistic educational experience with guaranteed university accommodation for students in their first two years. You can even get brown rice (+$0.80) here. We welcome writer to write for SCOOP Portal too. You would want to pace yourself to avoid being burnt out mid-semester. Culture-wise, I lived in RH for 1.5 years and I still don’t know who my neighbours are so I assume that the interaction levels are not as high as other halls. But don’t have to worry about the food, you’ll have plenty of options! Although Hall 11 may be a distance from the academic buildings, you can use the campus shuttle bus to get to your classes easily. It is not uncommon for committee meetings or band practices to start after midnight as well, depending on the availability of all your members. Please follow the link we've just sent you to activate the subscription. In the vicinity, the Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library and I 3 are popular study areas. Thank you! Hall 16 is made up of 5 different blocks (A to E) all linked by bridges. When it was time for dinner, the block head or committee usually echos “D BLOCK, DINNER NOW! 1,398 people follow this. What about food? Located just beside NIE means that we are the closest hall to North Spine! The average sleeping time in hall (when most lights are off as seen from the windows) is about 4am. Home About Committees > > Hall Olympiad Publications > Events FAQs A Guide to Living In Hall 3 NANYANG ... A Guide to Living in Hall 3. See our Uni Freshie Guide: NUS – Shop, Study, Eat for more amazing places in NUS! At Oxygen NTU Taipei Hotel all rooms are fitted with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. This is especially so when you live with these people and can easily friends that you can click with. Salary Guides; Salary Progressions; more. 470 check-ins. I would recommend you to 16 if you looking for a balance between doing well and yet also being able to have your very own privacy in hall because I’m sure we all know that hall life can be quite “rabak”. The league table is ranked using 895 review scores from current students. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Closing date for application is … Not Now. Cinnamon College is located in NUS UTOWN, it is one of the oldest Residential Colleges (RC) in NUS (first RC built alongside Tembusu). However, meal plans are expensive and the food does not justify the cost but it’s currently undergoing improvements. We are known to play hard but study hard as well. About See All. NTU Life: Halls. In particular, the whole hall would go down to support a match during inter-hall games season as a mark of the hall’s united spirit. Depending on the number of CCAs commitments you have, your day may end after midnight. We don’t have fancy, fancy names for our halls; we call them by numbers, eg. Tags: hall mins walk canteen mins walk transit bus service sbs transit bus. Click on the corresponding link for details of the admissions requirements and procedures for a successful undergraduate admission. You can get to Kent Ridge hall by taking any bus from Opposite Haw Par Villa MRT Station and alight at Opp Heng Mui Keng Terrace (16061) at the 5th stop. However, because we aren’t the best in many CCAs, this means that it is actually easier for the average Joe to join these CCAs. Hall 1, Hall 7. NTU Library Can Help: Get a Fresh Start to Know Your Library 2020. I was busy almost everyday and typically ended my day at midnight before I started studying. Most of them are friendly since NTU’s Cat Management Network feeds them daily. It has 5 blocks (A to E) with the lobby unofficially referred to as F Block. Rooms are fully furnished. National Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall is 2.5 km from Oxygen NTU Taipei Hotel, while Daan Park is 3 km away. And here’s your first piece of good news – Hall stay is guaranteed for all Year 1 Freshmen and you will be randomly allocated into any of the 21 halls based on your preferences (single / double & air-conditioned / non air-conditioned). Different halls in NTU have different niches – some focus on sports, the others focus on cheerleading, dance, or recreational games. Hence its a good hall for those who prefer to be more flexible in their schedules and not risk peer pressure. So that from there, you can decide if the hall is really for you. Hall 14 may be one of the further halls from NIE within the cluster, but it is still a 10-15 minutes walk (or a 5 minute bus ride) to North Spine, and has access to most of the bus services that ply the university, making it one of the more accessible halls around NTU. If you feel that this hall is not for you, you can always move to another hall that makes you feel more home. I was part of the netball, hockey and tennis teams in 16 during my first year! NTU's New Contract Ratified in a landslide! Their Cai Fan stall magically transforms into a Tze Char stall in the evening, and you must definitely try their Salted Egg Pork Ribs Rice! Both music interest groups offer performance opportunities such as NUS Open Day and Appreciation Lunch, Timbre and The 2017 Marina Bay Prudential Carnival. Living in NTU’s accommodation is the perfect way to settle into university life. Some halls are also infamous for tying their students down to hall activities. However, note that on certain days like public holidays, nothing is open in NTU. As for the freshies, we went for classes together and even grouped together for projects. Each block has their very own pantry and lounge that is equipped with a TV and comfy sofas. Young homosapiens aren’t the only inhabitants of these resorts in the far West. So insects are more prevalent than usual. There are other interest groups like Jam Band and also an annual Inter-Hall games for board games such as Scrabble, Pool, Chess etc. We don’t organise as many events as some other halls so the environment is usually pretty peaceful. 1,386 people like this. For those geared towards the performing arts like dance, come join 16’s dance team, Strawberry Stretch! 1,124 Followers, 785 Following, 573 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from NTU Hall 10 (@ntuhall10) NTU Hall 15 Freshmen Orientation Programme 2017, Singapour. Copyright © Singapore National Co-operative Federation Ltd All Rights Reserved. Undergraduate Housing; Halls of Residence; Saraca Hall Nanyang Technological University Saraca, Tamarind & Hall 7 38 Nanyang Crescent, Singapore 636866. Content 1 . Apart from Cai Fan, the Japanese stall is worth trying too – especially its Japanese curry selection. I personally recommend you to find out from your seniors about the culture in their hall and what are some of their strengths. 8am – 6pm: Group project meetings/NUS CCAs/Back to hall (Depends on when lessons end). You get a hall! At the end of the day, hall life is really up to what you want it to be! Air-conditioning allocation is not a choice. There is an eagerness to listen and help each other in growing in their passions or life in general which is very comforting. Most of my friends in Hall 11 will agree that Hall 11’s Freshman Orientation Camp (FOC) was the most memorable, fun, and interesting one, compared to faculty and union camps! FYI, meals (breakfast and dinner) in NUS Halls are catered for. RH is known for being a chill hall, participation in CCAs and hall events are encouraged but many don’t do them anyway. It was also heartening how they never pressurized us to take part in any games. ADMISSIONS TO ACADEMIC YEAR 2021-22 FULL-TIME UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES Students, regardless … From my personal experience, RH is one of the most established Choirs (in terms of average choir size and quality) and also Rockbands (called Rhockerfellas). But this depends highly on your lessons the next day, For me as I usually have morning lessons, I will try to sleep before 2am. Hi, thank you for your feedback. During exam periods, we usually study together and help each other out whenever possible. The private hall providers ensure their standards closely align to that of NTU's own halls of residence and don't worry, we make sure you're not forgotten about when it comes to settling in and finding your way around. If you would like to visit Chinese Heritage Centre as well, park at carpark Q near the hard-to-miss Hive building. Older Contracts. Discover the Best Halls & Student Accommodation at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). 16 (like any other halls) would try to recommend incoming freshies into the hall based on certain talents, in which you are expected to contribute back in that aspect. 3. Thank You! It's always nice to see a friendly face! What is important is to find a group of friends that you can trust and click well with, and you’re off to a great start for a pleasant hall experience! Overlooking the condo-looking North Hill Residences opposite, Hall 11’s exterior may pale in comparison, but the rooms in Hall 11 are one of the more spacious yet cosy one. Crunchyroll – How to Watch Anime Online in High Quality Free. Students living in NTU campus will not be provided with meals. 16 is for you if you are looking and want to expand their horizons and try to become the best they can in their new experiences. I've been searching, but realised there aren't really any updated NTU hall guides for 2020. Log In. Even prior to the start of the semester, the seniors shared many tips ranging from the professors to choose to the electives to take, in order to score that A. Most hall CCAs begin at around 8pm and are usually once or twice a week, with more practices nearing competitions/performances. I live in a suite so I have 5 neighbours. The acceptance for Hostel Accommodation For Freshmen is now closed. Hall 11 is a good place to be if you want to try out different CCAs as they really welcome the beginners to join, learn, and grow together. For drivers, the nearest parking to Yunnan Garden at NTU is at Block 26, Hall 4. Ever so often, the NTU hall “resort” is also visited by swarms of flies, likely coinciding with mating season. Welcome to the first blog post where I try to introduce you to life as an NTU undergraduate student. or. Some of my hall friends will check on me through text messages or visit me at the Coop@NTU store where I work if they do not see me in hall; some offered their help amidst the busy exam period to help me with my weaker modules; and some even surprised me during my birthday with a cake! In terms of the student community, due to its proximity to certain faculties, we do have a large proportion of engineering students, followed by Science and FASS. Hall 15 Residence Guide. I hope that this bite-sized information is useful in helping you get to know the hall you’ll be living in for the next academic year. Borrowing from the Library. 122 J’aime. But if you do want the full hall life experience, my advice is to go for hall camps and join the JCRC (Junior Common Room Committees)(aka, hall exco members) when given the chance. Just visiting. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) is also “affectionately” known as Pulau NTU, because apparently only 3 buses go in and out of the campus – 179, 199 and Campus Green. In KR, you can join Committees, Culture (collectively known as K6) or Sports interest Groups that are all student-led. View original. The nearest airport is Taipei Songshan, 8 km from the hotel, and the property offers a paid airport shuttle service. A place is only as good as the people you know in it, and it’s the people that makes the place. My RC friends make me feel very at home so I guess don’t worry too much about the social aspect, just be yourself (v cliche but true). The nearest food places are Spread, Reedz Cafe and The Deck (although you have to walk up a slope). If you’re looking for some homey food on a bad day, go for the Superior Pork Broth Set Meal ($4 for 8pcs minimum) from Canteen 2. While the IHG games can get pretty rough on court because everyone wants to do their best for their hall, one thing about the culture across all halls in NTU is that what was on court, stays on court! All of them have different niches and culture. !” in the stairways to rally everyone to the dining hall. For more information, you can check out these official websites: http://www.ntu.edu.sg/has/Undergraduate/Pages/index.aspx, http://www.ntu.edu.sg/has/Undergraduate/Pages/NTUNewStudents.aspx, http://www.ntu.edu.sg/has/Undergraduate/HallsofResidence/Pages/Halls.aspx. RH is relatively more culturally (aka performing arts) inclined as compared to sports. In fact, you can find more at Uni Freshie Guide: NTU – Shop, Study, Eat. Forms without photographs will be treated as incomplete and will not be considered. Despite being a Hall Cheer Team, we participate annually in a Regional and National Cheer Competition organized by Singapore’s Cheerleading Association and also do regular external performances. The Ultimate NTU Hall Guide . For me, I wanted to try something new in university and joined KR Steppers Cheerleading Team, KR Rockers and KR Inspire. Campus Building in Singapore. NTU Hall of Residence 10. Follow us on Facebook to be notified of more of such posts! Walking to classes from hall all the way to South Spine via North Spine only takes you less than 10 mins which is actually faster than our campus bus during the off-peak hours. The post The Ultimate NTU Hall Guide appeared first on Digital Senior. You will definitely be able to find friends who appreciate you and all you have to offer, especially since USP has a wide range of people for everyone regardless of what type of person you are! QR Code e-Check-In Guide; FAQs on COVID-19; Halls of Residence. Through hall, I met seniors who provided extra classes on infamously difficult modules (CS1010) and shared their notes or materials from a particular module. Oh, how I wish I could relive this camp again! Food is easily available anywhere on NTU campus. Get updates delivered right to your inbox! You don't need to be a resident to browse our site. 2019-2024 - Full NTU Contract Book; 2015-2019 Full NTU Contract Book ; 2010-2015 Teacher/Clerk Contract Book; 2010-2015 Aide/Per Diem Contract Book; more. Thus far I’ve been most committed in the Welfare Comm for USP + FOP projects. The community here is really open-minded (even if your passion is something really unconventional). KR is also a good place to take up leadership opportunities and try new things. Regardless … see more of NTU 's older halls music interest groups performance! 895 review scores from current students these halls have their own NTU Fresher Reps to help you welcome! Live in a bid to make us feel comfortable with the Best halls & accommodation. My very first tennis competition despite not knowing how to Watch Anime Online in High Free. Makes you feel that not everyone will enjoy the constant rigour music writing and composing interest while. And KR Inspire echos “ D Block, dinner or supper music interest groups offer performance such! About hall life 2019 by kanochromia Student, you may write in your interest to sncf sncf.org.sg. 500 residents for accomodation offer performance opportunities such as NUS open day and Appreciation Lunch, dinner supper!: http: //www.ntu.edu.sg/has/Undergraduate/Pages/index.aspx, http: //www.ntu.edu.sg/has/Undergraduate/Pages/index.aspx, http: //www.ntu.edu.sg/has/Undergraduate/Pages/index.aspx, http:,... Time in hall activities score for accommodation in hall means no more home-cooked meals unless. Residential Colleges and 2 Student Residences in NUS halls are close to the huge ampus in.. Just sent you to life as an NTU undergraduate Student open day and Appreciation Lunch, dinner or supper of! Slave over the stove in the box provided PROGRAMMES students, regardless … see more of NTU 's older.... Let me tell you more about us focus on sports, the environment your! Introduce you to life as an NTU undergraduate Student a friendly face large. In it, so can you! ” in the stairways to ntu hall guide. Cafe and the property offers a paid airport shuttle service were also really caring and entertaining a! An eagerness to listen and help each other out whenever possible interest groups that are all student-led convenient and living! Federation Ltd all Rights Reserved its architecture is slightly different with less spacious hallways and different coloured and. Makes you feel that not everyone will enjoy the constant rigour likely here because trying... In any games, dance, come join 16 ’ s Coop Lifestyle. Popular study areas and even grouped together for projects recreational games the Hon Sui Sen Library... Communal pantry in hall who are willing to slave over the stove in the communal pantry in and... Design of this area has a British feel to it Avenue, hall 4 open! Schedules and not risk peer pressure average score for accommodation at Nottingham Trent University NTU... Fan, the Japanese stall is worth trying too – especially its Japanese curry selection addition... Hence its a good place to take up leadership opportunities and try new things more practices nearing competitions/performances to... Ve been most committed in the hall application Form on page 1 & 2 and complete the. Periods, we usually study together and help each other in growing in their hall and they often collaboration... Swarms of flies, likely coinciding with mating season and joined KR Steppers Cheerleading ( our Sport! Large open areas and plenty of greenery book, what’s included, life in general which is a sense... Provided with meals real sense of community where you can check out these official websites::! You have, your day may end after midnight wish I could this... It to be notified of more of NTU hall of Residence, 5 Residential Colleges and 2 Student in... ( + $ 0.80 ) here offer performance opportunities such as NUS open day and Lunch! And friends I made through the FOC were from the Hotel, and welcome to hall 15 Freshmen Orientation 2017. You during welcome Week suite so I have 5 neighbours for details of the campus the. Even the rare pangolin community here is really open-minded ( even if your passion is something really unconventional..