Click to enlarge. Key Features: 157 cm skis suitable for skiers between 90 and 120 pounds; Laminated wood core; Waxless base; Cost: $230 Ski Waxing. High Point XC Ski Center 1480, Rt. Quick shop Choose options Save $25.01. Carbon poles are very stiff and light but also more expensive, while composite or aluminum poles are softer and heavier but also cheaper. Cross-Country Skis. Style: Race & Performance - Classic. It’s an activity that almost anyone can try, and it’s just as fun for beginners as it is for seasoned pros. FREE SHIPPING. We stock a full line of cross country equipment, clothing and accessories with quality brand names like Salomon and Rossignol, Fischer, North Face and Swix. Cross Country Ski Packages. Though there are different types of cross-country skiing, most people start out with classic skiing. We carrying everything you need to get started cross country skiing. Important to mention is the alternative to a fish scale ski and a traditional waxing ski is the so-called no-waxing skin ski. Great deals on cross country ski equipment with sales on cross country skis, boots, bindings, poles and more. There is no point in investing in expensive equipment until you are sure this is the sport for you. Overview; Alpine Ski Jackets and Vests; Alpine Ski Pants; Alpine Ski Shirts; Ski Touring and Freeride. Sort By. Each … That’s why cruising skis are also very popular among beginners or older people. Details. The cross-country ski packages come with a pair of skis and compatible bindings, and for some packages, boots conveniently gathered into one affordable bundle. The sidecut of the skis should be minimal so the skis glide straight and efficiently. Let’s start with the core piece of your classic equipment – the skinny skis aka the cross country skis. Whether you sip from a reservoir or prefer a bottle, these four products are all solid picks to stay hydrated on the trail. With skis, bindings, boots, and poles included, this cross country ski package provides everything you need to get out there onto the snowy trails. Find all needed information in our equipment guide! There are special patterns, so-called crowns or fish scales that bite themselves into the snow and thereby help you to move forward. There are plenty of different klister and kick waxes for every kind of condition and temperature, such as fresh cold snow (hard wax) or wet warm snow (klister). Wax Rooms #1 & #2 in the wax room building are available for public use free of charge. The entry-level touring boot features a traditional lace-up ... View full details You should make sure that you have a good fit in them, like in a running shoe. On this binding plate, the NNN binding can be simply slid on – no screws necessary! Terrain: … Skis & Equipment ; Ski Bindings; Cross Country Ski Bindings . If you’re after the perfect balance between speed and savoring the sights, sounds, and Christmas-tree smells of the winter world, then go straight for the middle way with cross-country skiing. The glide zone (front and back part of your ski) is the same for most skis. They cycle, golf, hike, sail, and even climb in non-snow months. But you don’t need grip wax to create friction. In addition to these two main systems, different sub-systems are available on the market. Are you looking for a new classic cross country skiing set-up? Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain, rather than using ski lifts or other forms of assistance. Top brands on sale from Alpina, Fischer and more. Cross-country skiing is widely practiced as a sport and recreational activity; however, some still use it as a means of transportation. At these stores, the person servicing you will likely be a cross-country enthusiast, and can be the source of a great deal of useful information. Ski poles, strong with a … You can find them with “crowns” or with a “skin”, they are more forgiving and you don’t need to kick them super hard to move forward. When it comes to taking your Nordic rig into the backcountry, bigger is better. If it's your first ski trip, rent skis and boots. This new binding is compatible with the NNN sole profile, thus with Turnamic, NNN and Prolink shoes. for cross-country ski equipment. Classic skis have a "grip zone" in the area under the binding. Any Department; Sports & Outdoors; Outdoor Recreation; Winter Sports Equipment; Snow Skiing Equipment; Cross-country Skiing Equipment; Nordic Skis; Avg. Their snow making equipment … Cross-Country Touring and Race and Performance Classic Skis: If you plan to ski at Nordic ski areas and stay in the groomed tracks, then you will want to find skis no wider than 68mm (the maximum width of ski tracks). Equipment . Get out and enjoy it with these smart picks. The bright side of the skin skis: the grip is so good, you can even conquer very steep uphill parts, without sliding backward. This system allows you to use a Salomon Prolink boot not only with a Prolink binding but also with the NNN and NIS system – and vice versa an NNN boot with a Prolink binding. Bethel Village Trails offers groomed runs and ski and snowshoe rentals; Carter’s has a full ski … Ski equipment: Nordic touring / Cross country skies (min width of 50 mm) with steel edges and strong but lightweight bindings, e.g. Cross-country skiing – the perfect winter training. 23 Sussex, NJ 07461 973-702-1222 This is the best area for cross country skiing in New Jersey The resort is New Jersey's only full service center dedicated to Cross country skiing with trails groomed for skate and classic skiing. Complete Cross Country Ski Packages: Whether you’re just getting started with Cross Country Skiing, or you’re a seasoned vet, our complete Cross Country Ski Packages are the best way to buy an entirely new setup. Discover Rossignol Nordic ski and equipment to get ready for this winter! Shop top cross country brands such as Alpina, Atomic, Craft, Fischer, Madshus, Rossignol, Salomon, Swix and more. CDN$18.88 CDN$ 18. The optimum cross-country skiing equipment. To find the right length you should choose a pole that is between 80-85% of your body height. Sign In Register Hi, My Account Sign Out. They are much narrower and lighter than alpine skis and have only a minimal sidecut, if they have one at all. Our experts will help you get the perfect match for your needs. Buy Now $320 For those who are new to the sport, classic skiing is easy to pick up after just a few outings. Cruising skis tend to be wider and shorter in length and you won’t be able to reach very high speeds on them. We have some more for you: → Cross country skiing guide – Styles: Classic, Skating, Backcountry, Classic No-Wax Skin Ski, → Cross country skiing guide: Equipment – Skating, → Cross country skiing guide: Equipment – Backcountry, → Cross country skiing guide: Equipment – Classic No-Wax Skin Ski, Redline 3.0 Intelligrip NIS Medium Classic No-Wax Ski 20/21, RCS Plus Medium IFP Classic Wax Ski 20/21, RC 10 eSkin Med + PSP Classic No-Wax Ski 20/21, Nano Carbon Classic NNN Classic-Boot Schwarz / Rot, RC8 Vitane Nocturne Prolink Classic-Boots Women, Race Classic IFP Cross Country Ski Bindings Schwarz / Orange, Control Step In IFP Cross Country Ski Bindings Black / Yellow, SNS Pilot Sport Classic Automatic Cross Country Ski Bindings, Performance Classic NIS Cross Country Ski Bindings, Find the best equipment for classic cross country skiing, Notes on data protection using Facebook plug-ins, cross country guide classic no-wax skin ski, Cross country skiing guide – Styles: Classic, Skating, Backcountry, Classic No-Wax Skin Ski, Cross country skiing guide: Equipment – Skating, Cross country skiing guide: Equipment – Backcountry, Cross country skiing guide: Equipment – Classic No-Wax Skin Ski. 1-24 of 375 results for "Cross-country Skiing Equipment" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Sign Up For Our Mailing List To Get 10% Off! Cross-country skiing is a fun way to spend time outside enjoying nature while sneaking in a serious workout. Shop online today, Free Shipping available And the right clothing is just as important as your gear. At these stores, the person servicing you will likely be a cross-country enthusiast, and can be the source of a great deal of useful information. Outdoor winter sport. Classic poles are built of aluminum, carbon or carbon composite materials. Cross Country Skiing. Classic ski boots have a soft sole, so you can roll them easily and create a powerful kick. If cross-country skiing makes you think of kicking lazy laps across your local golf course, it's time to change your image of the sport. Cross Country Skiing Get Started! Learn more in our cross country guide classic no-wax skin ski. Work tables, ski forms and electrical outlets are provided. It’s the perfect backdrop for cross-country skiing. The skiing and hiking equipment comes with two lightweight skis, a pair of aluminum telescoping tow bars and a hip-hugging waist belt with easy-access water bottle holster. Skate skiing, on the other hand, is a herringbone pattern of push and glide much like skating on ice skates, alpine skis, or roller blades. On the other hand, they are uncomplicated enough to just grab them and ski, even in loose snow or untracked terrain. Cross-country skiing requires participants to move across different types of uphill … You'll find a variety of terrains that are sure to appeal to every age and skill level. For the first time, this solution provided more options when choosing a boot binding combination. Sort By. Skis, boots, bindings, poles and more. 15 oz. Customer Service . Spike Summer Cross-Country Sit-Ski Product Of: Norway Manufacturer: Exero Technologies Spike is the newest adaptive sports equipment for people with Spina Bifida, Spinal Cord Injuries (SCI), Polio, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Amputees and Paraplegics and other lower body disabilities. 2. Add the mohair-nylon Easy Skin climbing skins ($75), which cover the kick zone, for added traction. Free Shipping by Amazon. While SNS bindings and boots provide more guidance for your foot, NNN is built lower and with a better feeling for the underground (snow). This season, cross country skiers will find improved conditions thanks to Tidd Tech, the finest snow grooming equipment. Add to Compare . Peltonen Sonic Children … Shop Skirack for a wide variety of cross country skiing equipment including skis, boots, bindings, poles, clothing and accessories available in Burlington, Vermont and online. Moisture-wicking base layer top and bottom Cross-country ski jacket or fleece or soft-shell jacket Cross-country ski pants or fleece pants or soft-shell pants Socks (synthetic or wool) Sort by Sort by Show 24 36 48 View as Save $50.01 ... Let the warmth and stability of the X1 cross-country ski boot guide your next ski day. All Mountain Snowboards ... Cross Country Skis & Equipment . Forget bulky snow pants and jackets or excessive layers. Our readers ski, cross-country, ice skate and snowshoe during the winter. NSA Contact List Cross-Country 14.07.2020 Download. Cross-country skiing has lots of things going for it—it’s relatively easy to learn, a great winter workout, and, once you buy your equipment, it’s very affordable if not free to do. Equipment. This style of skiing is the stride-and-glide motion that many people think of when they picture cross-country skiing. This allows you to optimally adjust your ski performance in just a few seconds: pushed forward, you get more grip; pushed back better sliding properties. What to look for First and foremost, find a store with a large selection of cross-country ski equipment, and knowledgeable staff. Your weight is the major criteria when picking a classic ski, so the glide and kick balance is guaranteed. Before grabbing the snowshoes for another winter walk in the woods, consider an alternative: Nordic or cross-country skiing. Classic skis are usually much longer than your body height and have a soft ski flex. The range of classic bindings is relatively limited. The entry-level touring boot features a traditional lace-up ... View full details Original price $135.00 Current price $99.99 | / Save $35.01. The base of the gliding … Since this season, there is another sub-form of NNN bindings – the Turnamic IFP binding from Fischer and Rossignol. Child-sized whip and reins not included. Ski season is winding down—which means it’s bargain time in the ski boot world. XCMAN Canvas Nordic XC Cross Country Ski Strap Ties with Fleece Padding Ski Base Wrap Straps Protector Carrier-4pack XCMAN ... Bestseller in Cross-country Skiing Equipment. Therefore, you have to make sure your classic boot or rather sole matches the binding system of your choice. The Cross Country Ski Areas Association maintains a database of places to cross-country ski, and most trails on national forest and BLM land are open to human-powered recreation during the winter. Extra glue (adhesive) for skins. But there are major differences in the kick zone. Customer … Snow Grooming When it comes to equipment that has positively changed cross-country skiing, one of the clear leaders is Tidd Tech. Shop online today, Free Shipping available . Skin skis are a safe bet in most snow conditions. SeniorsSkiing is an online magazine for the 50+ snow sports enthusiast. (179); 169, 179, 189. XCMAN Canvas Nordic XC Cross Country Ski Strap Ties with Fleece Padding Ski Base Wrap Straps Protector Carrier-4pack by XCMAN . CA$769.99. With thicker skis and beefier bindings, today's backcountry nordic gear is capable of handling steeper trails and rougher snow than its inbounds counterparts. Department. View as Grid List (89 products) Page. Winterland Ski & Board have everything to get you and your family ready for the cross country skiing season. Happy feet make for a happy skier, so get the proper boots for the job. Experience a crystal clear view in lightweight ski goggles that fend off glare and fog. Fischer Twin Skin Pro IFP. Cross-country Team Room #6 (across from the Day Lodge) is available at these times. FREE* shipping available Triangle Rewards. The kick zone on wax skis is prepared with a sticky grip wax, which creates enough friction in order to not slide back but instead move forward. This is because classic skis have a glide section at the front and back of the ski and a kick section under your foot. Lighter, more flexible boots, with a binding that allows the heel to be raised, are worn for jumping and cross-country skiing. offers quality, high-performance snow grooming equipment for all snow sports: Nordic / cross country trails and classic tracks, narrow fat bike trails, hiking and snowshoeing, and wider equipment for dog sledding, snowmobiles and more. Please note that these rooms may not be available for public use during large-scale race events. Performance Ski Clothing & Equipment for The Slopes You need the right gear to take on the slopes. Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own locomotion to move across snow-covered terrain, rather than using ski lifts or other forms of assistance. Overview ; Alpine Ski Poles Equipment; Alpine Ski Clothing. Start with this tester-approved kit. Weight: 2 lbs. Shop online with free delivery, exchanges and returns. … The following is a list of the equipment and clothing you will need for your day on the ski slopes. These relatively fat skis have huge, 112mm shovels for better stability, maneuverability, and float when you dip off of the groomed stuff. Classic skis don’t have metal edges, in order to keep the skis light and because you mostly ski in parallel classic tracks. With thicker skis and beefier bindings, today's backcountry nordic gear is capable of handling steeper trails and rougher snow than its inbounds counterparts. Despite the soft sole, most classic boots have parts that make them stable around your ankle section, so you can ski even longer distances without getting tired feet. Your Store: Choose now Choose store now Edit. Whether you’re a resort skier who ventures out of bounds or a backcountry skier who ventures inbounds, you’ll find a pair of ski boots here that can go both ways. The main difference to previous systems is the amazing ease of use. How to choose your equipment? All most cross-country skiers need is a good base layer and a quality soft-shell jacket. We bring Ski News, advice on Destinations, Gear, and Health and provide a Nostalgic look at snow sports history and heroes. Are you interested in other related articles about Cross Country Skiing? Calorie Burning. Nordic skiing, as it’s usually called, is the classic straight track shuffle style cross country skiing you’re used to. Boards & Equipment . Get in a perfect day tour with this 11-piece editor-tested setup. You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; Show per page. If you’ve experienced one slot, odds are good you’ll be back for more. Cart. Poles aid the skier in pushing along on level terrain, in climbing, and in maintaining balance when racing downhill or turning. for cross-country ski equipment. Shield yourself from head to toe with these swarm-tested picks, the best of 14 bug-baffling products we tried. Our Cross Country ski bindings were designed to ensure a perfect link between your legs, feet and skis. Follow Us. Although cross-country skiing is an outdoor winter activity, you actually pack in quite a bit of heat when you’re on the go. More sporty skiers choose a pole that is longer, while beginners or recreational skiers go for shorter poles. 2. Thule Chariot Cheetah ($489) Buy Now $600. They are also designed to be partly used on open terrain (nordic cruising). Abram nearby along with cross-country skiing at the Bethel Village Trails and Carter’s XC Ski Center. Change Location About Us Atmosphere Locations Store Locator Gift Cards Best Selling Products Outdoor Advice Careers Customer Service Jumpstart Shop Join Our Affiliate Program. Start with this tester-approved kit. It is basically a binding plate already integrated into many skis. Whitewoods 75mm 3Pin Cross Country Ski Package. The backcountry never looked better. The town of Bethel, a favorite ski town, has the downhill-ski areas of Sunday River and Mt. These ski packages include classic cross-country skis for those looking to get outdoors, while skate ski packages are excellent for picking up a little more speed. Not only entry and exit are greatly facilitated by the innovative Turn Lock mechanism, but also a faster and easier tuning of ski, binding and shoe is made possible through a tool-free adjustability. How to choose your equipment? Facebook YouTube Instagram Snapchat. The original type of classic skis are so-called wax skis. As with the NIS binding plate, the Turnamic IFP binding can be simply slid onto the ski. Find Your True Fit. The worst part of summer hiking: mosquitos, black flies, ticks, and other pests. As the name suggests, cross country skis are designed for partaking in cross country skiing, which is where you use your own locomotion to traverse various types of terrain. Cut through powder with the help of performance ski equipment, like snow goggles, helmets and ski apparel. The length of the poles is very important so the whole movement of your body creates a continuous flow. These include the smart NIS slide-on plate, the Prolink system, and since this season the new Turnamic IFP binding. Alpine skiers carry a light pole of metal tubing about 4 feet (1.2 metres) long in each hand. Cross-country skiers typically carry longer and lighter poles. Unisex Nordic Racing Skis X-Ium Classic Premium C2 . For advanced skiers, you'll also find models designed for cutting through fresh power or carving into icy slopes. Glide through the backcountry with these time-tested picks. “On lower-angle downhills, I could carve with these,” one tester says. Sign up. The NIS (Nordic Integrated System) is a sub-form of the NNN system and therefore of course compatible with it. Cross-Country Kit . This is different to alpine skiing where you take a ski lift up to the top of a steep slope and ski down it. Use these picks from Steve Howe, owner of Redrock Adventure Guides in Torrey, Utah, to stay safe and mobile in the Southwest’s iconic canyons. Skis, poles, boots, bindings. Cross-country ski equipment for skate-skiing (left) and classic-style skiing (right). To find out more about equipment for cross country skating visit our Skating Equipment Guide and for Backcountry Equipment, visit the article here. Step outside, strap on your boards, and discover Minnesota's public cross-country ski trails.

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